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Welcome to IMS

We have been helping retirees and pre-retirees develop tailored strategies to
meet their retirement needs and goals since 2005. We are proud of these
opportunities to work with so many bright, savvy, forward-thinking
individuals as they make plans for some of the best years of their lives.

Why IMS?

Investment planning and retirement income planning are not the same thing.

 IMS exists for one purpose — to help people discover options available for retirement income. That means considering income, asset protection, potential growth, tax and estate planning considerations, and the guidance to learn ways to make more informed financial decisions on your own.
To date, more than 14 million people have visited us online to learn about our retirement income strategies. And what our clients discover is: IMS helps each person maximize their own individual strategy, with an emphasis on greater financial confidence and an enjoyable retirement. To achieve this, we start by getting to know you. Only then can we provide you with resources and comparisons that help put you in the driver’s seat, more empowered and with increased confidence that you have you what you need to make the best financial decisions to achieve more of your personal goals in retirement.

It's important that you establish common goals for your retirement years.

This is not the stage of life when you should be concerned about the volatility of the markets. We believe in ongoing education for our team here at IMS, so we can continue to uncover new strategies as they emerge, and so that you are more fully informed and empowered to make strategic decisions that will benefit you most.

Together, we’ll discuss options, and find the ones best suited for you and your situation. We want you in the driver’s seat to decide what direction you want to take. It's as simple as that.

Whatever your net worth, practical needs, and life goals, we help you tailor your retirement income strategy to your individual situation.​

A first step you can take to increase financial confidence is to minimize the risk of loss. Investment planners are often focused on financial growth. Unlimited economic scenarios exist that could impact your retirement income. Fortunately, you do not need to be alone in the process of identifying those potential events and determining ways to respond. Retirement income strategy is our forte. Insurance Marketing Solutions specializes in this particular piece of the financial world, so we take the time to help you navigate the current conditions as well as challenges you may face in your future.
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By responding to this offer you may be put in touch with a licensed insurance agent regarding retirement income strategies using fixed insurance products. Insurance Marketing Solutions is an insurance agency licensed in all 50 states (AR17677332/CA0K62245/TX2034282) and all producers of Insurance Marketing Solutions have the appropriate licenses for the products they offer.
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